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Convincing Financial Evidence, LLC (CFE) was formed in Florida in 2016. But its concept and experience span at least three decades. Michael M. Mulligan, Executive Director and Founder of CFE, began his career as an auditor for Arthur Anderson & Co. in Washington, DC in the late 1980s. From his first work as an accountant, Michael was exposed to large-scale litigation service engagements that were successful from a business perspective but provided suboptimal value in terms of delivering material, useful and understandable evidence to the litigation team. Over twenty years as an accountant and ultimately as an investigator/prosecutor for the Division of Enforcement of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Michael witnessed forensic and litigation service cases where the litigation team received less than it should have. From both legal and accounting perspectives, opportunities were lost and clients overpaid for mediocre service.

In 2000, after a short episode with a large US forensics firm (a period fraught with business conflicts of interest), Michael formed his first forensics firm of his own in Great Falls, VA. That first effort resulted in Michael overseeing three offices in the Washington, DC area. Michael’s firm successfully served clients such as the US Department of Justice in both its Environmental Resources and Tax Divisions, CEOs of major corporations like Enron and HealthSouth, and litigants in state, federal and international courts. CFE brings this level of experience and expertise to Miami, Florida.

With twenty-five years of legal and accounting professional experience, CFE provides its clients with incomparable service. Understanding the law and the rules of evidence . . . before engagements begin . . . means CFE is appropriately focused from the start. Financial evidence is accumulated and presented in a way that fits the legal claim the first time, without need for repetitive and costly discovery. CFE’s work fits seamlessly into the efforts of its clients. This enables a full understanding of the financial facts so that crucial decisions can be reliably made.

Convincing financial evidence . . . presented competently . . . so that a layperson can understand. This is CFE’s mission and commitment.
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